What others are saying!

Jennifer Roos — My family and I lived across the street from Praise Chapel for two years before ever even realizing that one of our biggest blessings was right under our noses! One day I decided to check out the website. Pastor Zack’s most recent messages were available for download on I-tunes. I began listening and five messages later I told my husband that we had to visit on Sunday! The first thing I noticed about Pastor Zack’s preaching was his passion for the Word and the way in which he made the selected passages of scripture relevant to listeners. I was convicted by what I heard  and convinced that this church was a great fit for our family! One year later, my husband and I along with our two children have been enjoying this small fellowship of believers. Everyone at Praise Chapel, from the pastor’s to the nursery workers, have made us feel welcome and comfortable. I’ve grown in my faith and have found new motivation to pursue God’s calling on my life! Praise Chapel Chicago, the Roos family loves you!

Jamie M – Before coming to Praise Chapel Chicago, I had an idea of the person who I wanted to be, but it always seemed so impossible. There were certain temptations that daunted me and past mistakes that haunted me. I had no idea what to do or how to overcome and I was desperate. I walked into Praise Chapel a little more than a year ago and it’s a little embarrassing but also exciting to say that I’ve grown more in this past year than I have in my entire Christian walk. I don’t feel helpless under the weight of my sin anymore. This church has taught me how to walk in the Holy Spirit one day at a time.

Dave Sharer — This church has helped shaped the person that I am in 2011. I have experienced God in a fresh and new way. I believe that God has strategically placed this group of believers in my life for a reason. This year, I made a new commitment to God that I would let him change my heart. I now realize God can use me as I’m willing to surrender myself to him. All of a sudden, I want to make a difference in the lives of those who are hurting in the community. I want to live a victorious life and help others do the same. I believe that God has already given us the victory over sin. I know it is up to me to be obedient and fulfill his calling on my life.

Wilma Chavez — Be blessed everyone! I would like to thank God for allowing me to be part of a church that has let me begin my walk again. Although my walk is not easy, I am always uplifted and encouraged. I’m truly blessed with the people of the church. I must say I have come a long way in the last 6 months and for that I give praise to God and thanks to the pastor and his wife. You’re both a blessing to me! I love you both and this is just the beginning of my sharing. Love you always in Christ!!!

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